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default Decision support for anti-submarine warfare within range dependent environments Download
default NATO-CMRE-GliderC2 scientific capability achievements in NATO exercise CWIX 2017: technology readiness level 4 for live underwater glider remote tasking and C2 data provision through virtualized services Download
default Costing of maritime unmanned systems Download
default DW-CNNs: Sonar-Based Deep Learning for Mine Countermeasures Operations (Software Release and User Guide - Version 1.0) Download
pdf CMRE 60th Anniversary 1959-2019 Download (pdf, 34.20 MB)
default Critical review of uncertainty communication standards in support of maritime situation awareness Download
default Evolutions in autonomy for mine countermeasures: 2017 in-year progress Download
default Data assimilation improvements for acoustic propagation prediction and underwater noise forecast Download
default Unmanned underwater glider detectability properties: tests during CMRE sea-trial NREP18 against ISR platforms participating in NATO Trial on ISR Unified Vision 2018 Download
default ASW optimization using the Rapid Acoustic Prediction Service (RAPS) Download
default Maritime ISR environmental characterization challenges in the GIUK gap and Barents Sea Opening Download
default Conference proceedings of the Fifth Workshop on Military Applications of Underwater Glider Technology (5WMAUGT) Download
default Risk maps for performance evaluation of autonomous mine search Download
default TORHEX'18 sub-dataset description Download
default Investigating the utility of autonomous vehicles for ASW missions Download
default Glider path planning tool, an upgrade using ocean-acoustic predictions and risk analysis solutions Download
default Maritime traffic graphs: construction criteria and performance metrics Download
pdf Proceedings of the Maritime Big Data Workshop Download (pdf, 8.43 MB)
default UComms 2016 overview Download
pdf Conference proceedings of the Decision Support and Risk Assessment for Operational Effectiveness (DeSRA) 2017 conference Download (pdf, 7.23 MB)