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pdf REP16-Atlantic exercise: the perfect international collaboration lab for cutting edge autonomous solutions

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From 5 to 31 July 2016, off the coast of Portugal, the Portuguese Navy, the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation and the University of Porto operate again together in the maritime exercise which also marks the first international at-sea campaign for NRV Alliance under the Italian Flag.

The REP16-Atlantic features and objectives have been presented on 18 July in Lisbon (Portugal), in the presence of Rear Admiral Matthew A. Zirkle (U.S. Navy), Deputy Chief of Staff Submarines – COMSUBNATO, and Portuguese authorities.

pdf CMRE observes considerable water temperature increase in the Ligurian Sea

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Data was collected by gliders during the LOGMEC environmental campaign, which also marked the longest CMRE gliders’ deployment ever in Italian waters (from 1 May to 30 June 2016).

Data from gliders operating during LOGMEC were also integrated for the first time in near real-time in NATO and national command and control (C2) systems at the Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination, eXercise (CWIX).

pdf New flag for the NATO Research Vessel Alliance

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The larger of CMRE’s ships is now operated by an Italian military crew under an Italian Navy Flag.

On 9 April 2016, at the Italian Naval Base in La Spezia (Italy), the Raising of the Italian Flag Ceremony was held in the presence of Italian and NATO civilian and military authorities, including Vice Admiral Ignacio J. Horcada Rubio, SACT Representative in Europe, Vice Admiral Filippo Maria Foffi, Commander in Chief of the Italian Naval Fleet, Major General Albert Husniaux, NATO STO (Science and Technology Organization) Chief Scientist, and Rear Admiral (Ret.) Hank Ort, STO CMRE Director.

pdf CMRE and NOAA join forces to monitor Atlantic Ocean dynamics

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NOAA Vice Admiral Michael S. Devany, Deputy Under Secretary for Operations at NOAA, and Rear Admiral (Rtd.) Hank Ort, CMRE Director, signed a five-year framework agreement to facilitate research vessel support from NRV Alliance in particular, with monitoring of meteorological, hydrological, and oceanographic processes, bathymetry, and climate. The collaboration marks a breakthrough in transatlantic cooperation while fostering sharing of assets and capabilities in the North Atlantic.

pdf CMRE at the forefront of LIDAR optical applications

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The NATO Research Vessel Alliance visited Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for the first time and presented to the press the ALOMEx ‘15 (Atlantic Lidar Optical Measurements Experiment 2015 ) trial conducted from 31 October to 12 November 2015 in the Alboran Sea and in the Sahara Upwelling area.

pdf It’s all ready for euRathlon ‘15 - Grand Challenge! The international robotics competition will be held in Piombino (Italy) on 17 - 25 September

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The event, funded by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), has been presented in Florence by regional and local authorities. The euRathlon consortium has entrusted the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation the local organisation of the competition.
euRathlon ‘15 will also include several world-class side events at Tor del Sale and in Piombino, downtown. On 23 September, at Tor del Sale, two humanoid robots, WALK-MAN and DRC-HUBO, who recently participated in the DARPA Robotics Challenge in Los Angeles (USA), for example will give a demonstration in disaster response scenarios for the first time in Europe.

pdf CMRE listens to the sea to know it better

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The oceanographic campaign GLISTEN ‘15, starting off Elba Island (Italy) at the end of August 2015, will test new sensors and solutions for ocean characterisation using underwater gliders.
Scientists from the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation will operate on board the NATO Research Vessel Alliance along with researchers from nine collaborating institutions.

pdf Robotic Search and Rescue: the new ICARUS system ready for use from 2016

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On 9-10 July 2015, at the Portuguese Navy Base of Alfeite (Almada) in Lisbon, 24 Project Partners from 9 countries demonstrated the ICARUS (Integrated Components for Assisted Rescue and Unmanned Search Operations) system, as final step of the ICARUS European project ( funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP7).

CMRE played a crucial role in developing the maritime component of the ICARUS European project, including enhanced autonomy and integration between Unmanned Surface Vehicles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

pdf CMRE successfully demonstrates systems for persistent, autonomous and real-time maritime surveillance

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The Centre provided innovative concepts in the field of unmanned passive monitoring as part of the PERSEUS (Protection of European BoRders and Seas through the IntElligent Use of Surveillance) FP7 European project.

CMRE has been the first to demonstrate a complete system for underwater acoustic surveillance with highly persistent mobile robots. In the future, these systems could be used within a network to continuously monitor maritime areas of interest.

pdf CMRE at the forefront of NATO’s interoperability

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From 9 to 25 June 2015, NATO STO CMRE (Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation) scientists and engineers are at the Joint Force Training Centre (JFTC) in Bydgoszcz (Poland) to take part in the annual NATO-led Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination, eXercise (CWIX) for the third time in a row. This year CWIX hosts participants from 15 NATO and 4 Partnership for Peace (PfP) Nations working on system interoperability before operational use to improve the effectiveness of the Alliance.

pdf Multi-robot underwater surveys successfully conducted from the NATO Research Vessel Alliance in the North Sea First results being presented at EGUERMIN during “Ostend at Anchor”

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From 20 to 29 May 2015 CMRE (Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation) scientists, along with colleagues from the Royal Netherlands Navy Defence Diving Group, Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence (EGUERMIN) and UK Royal Navy Maritime Autonomous Systems Trials Team (MASTT), experimented using different underwater robots in a joint scientific mine countermeasures (MCM) sea trial, the NSMEX’15 (North Sea MCM Experiment 2015).

pdf Agreement signed on collaboration between Promostudi and NATO Centre for Maritime Research & Experimentation

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The two entities located in La Spezia will carry out joint innovation activities and research in the maritime environment. In particular, opportunities will be developed for cooperation in issues of common interest such as robotics, underwater acoustics, underwater systems, and more generally in systems engineering and ICT (information and communication technologies).

After signing the agreement, for the first time Ole Hastrup awards were given to the best thesis in 2014 in the Mechanical Engineering and Yacht Design courses. Ole Hastrup, a former Danish scientist at the NATO Centre, recently deceased, is considered one of the world's leading experts in the field of underwater acoustics and physics. Scientific documentation donated by Mrs Hastrup will be housed in the new Promostudi teachers-researchers hall, inaugurated on this occasion.

pdf The 2015 euRathlon Grand Challenge will be hosted in Piombino, Tuscany (Italy) on 17- 25 September

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The euRathlon consortium has entrusted the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE), based in La Spezia (Italy), the organization of the 2015 event.
Dates and venue of the competition were announced on 21 January during a press conference by CMRE, Municipality and ENEL representatives.

“As part of the euRathlon consortium, we are proud to organize the final event of the Project” says Jean-Guy Fontaine, scientist at CMRE. “We will take to Piombino our expertise in organizing world-class competitions, such as the SAUC-Europe, the challenge between student-built unmanned underwater vehicles held annually at our Centre.”

pdf Floating and flying robots to assist Search and Rescue operations have been successfully tested and demonstrated at CMRE

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The NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation played a crucial role in enhancing autonomy and integration between Autonomous Surface Vehicles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles as part of the ICARUS (Integrated Components for Assisted Rescue and Unmanned Search operations) project, funded by the European Commission.

CMRE hosted the 2014 sea trials between 13 October and 24 October.

pdf CMRE achievements in robotics at the cutting-edge of the underwater environment characterization and forecasting

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From 21 to 23 October the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) hosted a Workshop where the first results of the REP14-MED scientific campaign conducted in June 2014 in the Sardinian Sea were presented. From 7 to 9 October the Centre hosted as well the 2nd CMRE Workshop on Military Applications of Glider Technology.

In September 2014, the CMRE Glider team received a NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) Scientific Achievement Award for the high level of the science and technology demonstrated.

CMRE is being recognized as one of the world leader in the development and demonstration of robotic platforms, such as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles like gliders, used for the characterization and forecasting of the underwater environment.

pdf University of Girona and DFKI GmbH-University of Bremen teams win the euRathlon marine robot competitions at CMRE

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The NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) has just concluded two intense weeks of student challenges with a multi-domain demonstration.
Vicorob by the University of Girona won four out of five scenarios. Only in the "Environmental survey of the accident area" one Vicorob won the 2nd prize jointly with SAUC-ISSE from ENSTA Bretagne. This scenario was dominated by DFKI GmbH-University of Bremen team (Germany) with the robot Avalon.

pdf CMRE uncovers seabed secrets with underwater robots

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From 22 September to 13 October 2014, the NATO Research Vessel Alliance conducts the Multinational AutoNomy Experiment (MANEX '14) along the Ligurian coast, in order to demonstrate the advantages of mapping the seabed using autonomous vehicles.

pdf ENSTA Bretagne and DFKI GmbH-University of Bremen jointly win SAUC-Europe ‘14 at CMRE, the Autonomous Underwater Vehicles challenge for university students

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PR_SAUCE 14winners_26092014.pdf

For the first time two teams jointly won the SAUC-E competition, the Student Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge - Europe. The ENSTA Bretagne team, with the robot SAUC-ISSE, and the DFKI GmbH-University of Bremen team, with
the robot Avalon, triumphed over four other teams at the 9th edition. The 2nd prize went jointly to ENSTA Bretagne team, with the robot CISSAU, and to University of Applied Sciences Kiel, with the robot TomKyle, which was awarded as well
for the "Best Journal Paper".
The SAUC-E Award Ceremony debutted downtown in La Spezia during the European Researchers' Night.
From 29 September to 3 October 2014, CMRE will also host for the first time the euRathlon sea robotic challenge.

pdf The Portuguese Navy, the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation and the University of Porto operate together for the first time in the REP14-Atlantic exercise

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From 7 to 28 July, off the coast of Portugal, four naval units and ten international partners conduct collaborative experimentation in the fields of underwater communications, autonomy and multi-domain cooperative robotics...

pdf CMRE leads large glider experiment in the Sardinian Sea to enhance Environmental Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness (EKOE) capabilities

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The REP14-MED sea trial includes 21 partners from six Nations. From 6 to 26 June 2014, onboard NRV Alliance and German research vessel Planet, and at research centres ashore, experts from those institutions will be working on the future of ocean monitoring and seabed characterization...