CMRE Showcases at the NATO HQ

The Science & Technology Exhibit took place along with the STO Maritime Symposium.

From 23 to 26 March 2015, CMRE demonstrated its capabilities at NATO Headquarters (HQ), in Brussels (Belgium). This Science & Technology exhibit was inaugurated on 23 March by Gen. Albert Husniaux, NATO Chief Scientist, and RADM Hank Ort, CMRE Director. The exposition gave NATO employees, national delegations and visitors direct access to CMRE technologies, including a glider and an autonomous underwater vehicle deployed in mine countermeasures. As part of the exhibit, CMRE staff presented the Centre’s programme of work, its ships and, in particular, the role of autonomy in persistent undersea surveillance and reconnaissance, maritime environmental data capture through autonomous vehicles, and maritime security. Briefs focused on current maritime challenges and innovative technologies, which have the potential to be ‘game changing’ in nature.

The 2015 NATO S&T Symposium was held on 23 March 2015, at the NATO HQ. This year’s theme of the NATO S&T Symposium was ‘Maritime Security’, building on one of the outcomes of the Wales Summit. The Symposium discussed the current state, major challenges, reasons for challenges, and future direction of S&T in support of Maritime Security, thus capturing courses of action by which the NATO S&T community can contribute to the Maritime Security aspect of the Alliance Maritime Strategy.