STHPTTX 400From 24-27 November 2014, the CMRE presented three novel games as Table Top Exercise (TTX) in support of the NATO Specialist Team in Harbour Protection (STHP).

The purpose of the TTX, was to de-risk the STHP Live Experiment planned for 2015 but also to provide an opportunity for CMRE staff to observe the military decision making process.

Harbour Protection (HP) is about providing a surveillance and response capability over a harbour-safety-area such that the Sea-Lines–of-Communication (SLOC) and critical infrastructure may be protected against asymmetric attack. In order to provide a broad and deep analysis of the problem space, three distinct games were developed with the assistance of COMFORDRAG (Italian Navy) and exercised during the TTX, each designed to provide a rich and unique view.

The "Matrix Game" takes the form of a structured conversation and allows a set of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide a broad view of the problem at the Operational and Strategic level. The "Information Game" is an Instant Messaging (JCHAT) based simulation at the Operational level, with experts playing the parts of various organisations engaged in HP. It seeks to uncover the social, information and task networks; understand the flow of information and identify points of information overload and bottlenecks. Finally the "Risk Game" takes place at the Tactical level and explores how information quality impacts on a single expert's ability to provide a fit-for-purpose risk assessment of the scene.

It is worthy of note that both the "Information Game" and the "Risk Game" have been invented at the CMRE, with the express intention of providing stakeholders with a data-set, ripe for analysis and the development of militarily relevant algorithms to assist war-fighter/peacekeeper decision making.

Finally, the CMRE would like to thank the COMFORDRAG branch of the Italian Navy for all of their helpful comments and assistance throughout the development of the STHP TTX.