GliderTracks 400The REP14-MED Workshop and the 2nd CMRE Workshop on Military Applications of Glider Technology have just ended in La Spezia.

From 21 to 23 October the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) hosted a Workshop where the first results of the REP14-MED scientific campaign conducted in June 2014 in the Sardinian Sea were presented. From 7 to 9 October the Centre hosted as well the 2nd CMRE Workshop on Military Applications of Glider Technology.

In September 2014, the CMRE Glider team received a NATO Science and Technology Organization (STO) Scientific Achievement Award for the high level of the science and technology demonstrated.
CMRE is being recognized as one of the world leader in the development and demonstration of robotic platforms, such as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles like gliders, used for the characterization and forecasting of the underwater environment. The main scope of the work carried out at the Centre based in La Spezia (Italy) is to develop a cost-effective, interoperable, discreet and easily deployable underwater monitoring system to address NATO and Nations security needs.

The successful REP14-MED sea trial, whose first results had been just presented at the workshop, is a meaningful example of how a large fleet of gliders can effectively support the underwater environment characterization and forecasting.

The aim of the Workshop on Military Applications of Glider Technology was to foster the development and transition of underwater glider technology into NATO naval operations by providing a forum for interaction among naval personnel, industrial manufacturers, and defence scientists. Participants in this Workshop included representatives from glider manufacturing enterprises, from five navies from NATO countries (Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States), from seven research laboratories, including CMRE, and from one NATO command (NATO Allied Command Transformation-ACT). Presentations and discussions were focused on future developments of the technology as well as the current application.

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