Rear Admiral (retired) Hank Ort was awarded the NATO Meritorious Service Medal by Vice Admiral Peter Hudson, Commander NATO Allied Maritime Command, for his outstanding service as MARCOM Chief of Staff prior to taking charge of CMRE.

On 5 February 2014 a delegation from CMRE concluded a two-day visit to Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM), UK, to discuss strategic partner development in maritime technology. Multiple areas of maritime technology developed by CMRE were identified of interest to MARCOM, including robotics, anti-submarine warfare, anti-mine warfare, unmanned underwater vehicles, and maritime security awareness tools.

This visit followed the visit by MARCOM's Deputy Commander, Vice Admiral Christian Canova, and Commander NATO Submarine Forces Rear Admiral Bob Kamensky in September 2013. Vice Admiral Canova led the discussion with CMRE, as he was in charge of Research and Technology in SACT HQ in a previous assignment. "It is incumbent upon the Alliance to stay on the cutting edge of maritime technological developments in such complex warfare like anti-submarine and anti-maritime mines," said Vice Admiral Canova. "It requires national investments and scientific collaboration between NATO nations if we want to keep a high level of efficiency in ASW and MCM warfare. CMRE has built upon the heritage of the SACLANT Centre and the NURC, and is the perfect tool the Alliance needs to cope with this challenge. MARCOM as the single Maritime Operational Headquarters in NATO must benefit from CMRE knowledge and assist it with operational lessons learned from maritime operations and exercises."