KM3NET 400

The Centre participated in the KM3NeT project, which involved the recent installation of the first 400-meter tall underwater neutrino observation system at depth of 3500 meters off the coast of Sicily.

The Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN), which leads the KM3NeT-Italia undersea neutrino telescope project, has recently announced the successful installation of the first of a number of 400-meter tall underwater towers with optical, acoustic and oceanographic sensors. In 2009 NURC's (now CMRE) deep water low noise hydrophone technology, developed in collaboration with the Italian company SMID, was selected as acoustic sensors for the system. The neutrino telescope is a European deep-sea one cubic kilometer research infrastructure operating at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, off the southeastern coast of Sicily.

The SMID-CMRE hydrophones are part of the acoustic positioning system of the cubic kilometer scale telescope and will be mounted on the towers constituting the telescope. The acoustic positioning system helps determine the accurate positions of the towers during the deployment and will support the operation phase of the telescope. The knowledge of the towers positions are needed in order to know the location of optical modules (OMs) mounted with them. The OMs would be used to reconstruct the tracks of the neutrinos detected from the optical sensors. CMRE has developed a procedure for hydrophone calibration under high hydrostatic pressure.