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Brief documents about Centre assets and initiatives.


pdf Maritime Situational Awareness

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At CMRE, a major component of maritime security is maritime situational awareness (MSA), which ultimately addresses the question: is this ship behaving in a way that requires further investigation? Researchers are trying to answer that question using the Collaborative Multi-Sensor/Source Fusion and Tracking Tool (COMSSOFT), developed at the Centre.

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pdf Maritime Security

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Maritime security is a new, multidisciplinary area of research that addresses new threats to NATO maritime forces in ports, to international shipping, and to energy security. At CMRE, the Maritime Security Programme encompasses two main project areas: Non-Lethal Response in Port Protection and Maritime Situational Awareness.

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pdf Active Sonar Risk Mitigation

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For more than a decade, CMRE has conducted research on marine mammals to provide information and tools to NATO navies. The mission of the Project is to research and study marine mammal behaviour in order to mitigate risk to marine mammals.

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pdf Engineering Department

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CMRE's Engineering Department (ED) offers a full spectrum of specialized services, including research, development, testing and evaluation of ocean and maritime concepts and technologies. The department also has a wide range of specialized resources for work at sea.

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pdf Environmental Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness

When making decisions during operations, naval commanders, planners and operators rely on meteorological and oceanographic data and forecasts. However, in the coastal zone, where NATO navies typically operate, the environment can change dramatically over short distances and lengths of time. In addition, resources to gather meteorological and oceanographic data are typically limited as is our understanding of complex ocean processes. These limitations create uncertainties. Researchers at the Centre are trying to quantify these uncertainties.

Read more on the Environmental Knowledge and Operational Effectiveness fact sheet.

pdf Cooperative Antisubmarine Warfare

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The Cooperative Antisubmarine Warfare programme consists of three main projects: System Concepts for Littoral Undersea Surveillance, Communications and Networks, Decision Support.

Read more on the Cooperative Antisubmarine Warfare fact sheet.

pdf Autonomous Naval Mine Countermeasures

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The Autonomous Naval Mine Countermeasures programme is organized into three main projects: Autonomous mine search using high-frequency synthetic aperture sonar, new concepts for mine disposal, high-resolution low-frequency synthetic aperture sonar.

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