Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Modelling & Simulation

Modeling & Simulation (M&S) is one of the Critical Technologies with particular value for the NATO Nations in term of Defense, Homeland Security and Economy; in fact Simulation allow to use computer models to mime behaviors of existing real world systems, or hypothetical future systems and to carry out experiments in a virtual environment to improve understanding, performance as well as to develop new concepts and to test new technologies.

M&S have a strategic relevance in several areas such as R&D (Research and Development), training, decision support, operational planning and operative support. The NATO CMRE (Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation) is active since many years in modeling the Maritime Environment and currently is developing Modeling & Simulation as a strategic asset to support its R&D Initiatives as well as to provide services, tools, models and simulators in relations to all the 5 dimensions: Sea, Air, Coast, Cyberworld and Space. 

CMRE currently studies innovative interoperable solutions for M&S devoted to support many different sectors (i.e. Acquisition, Analysis, Experimentation, Planning, Test and Evaluation, Training).

In fact the extension of the Simulation activities at CMRE allows to extend further its leadership in Research and Experimentation in several critical areas (i.e. port protection, naval operations, mine detection, robotics) as well as to develop new solutions for emerging sectors such as homeland security, cyber defense, etc.

CMRE is currently involved also in developing Serious Games such as DVx2 (Distributed Virtual Experience & Exercise). DVx2 is a virtual interactive framework enabling NATO Defense Against Terrorism (DAT) programme of work, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and NATO executives to demonstrate, validate, benchmark, appreciate the DAT accomplishments. DVx2 drives virtual terrorists & defenders by using intelligent agents ; this approach enables to generate tests and experience, through quick running simulated scenarios (e.g. HPP, RPGs, C-IED, CBRN, CIP, NLC, ISRTA), on improvements and challenges such as vulnerability reduction, technological and organizational advances, etc. Indeed this serious game represents the first case of using the innovative SaaS (Simulation as a Service) paradigm over NATO DNBL (Distributed Networked Battle Labs).

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