Details for “Double-Muscled” start for CMRE 2017 scientific campaigns

Name:“Double-Muscled” start for CMRE 2017 scientific campaigns

On the aft deck of the NATO Research Vessel Alliance, sailing for the first CMRE (Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation) scientific campaign of 2017, there are two very similar robots. One is the MUSCLE vehicle, a very reliable prototype developed by CMRE for seabed mapping with automatic behaviour capabilities. The other is not just a twin: it is a recently engineered underwater robot aimed at testing target (typically simulated naval mines on the seafloor) reacquisition missions.

This vehicle is called CAT, aka Black CAT, which stands for Collaborative Autonomy Testbed. It debuts during the current sea trial GAMEX ‘17, the Greek ARIADNE Mine countermeasure EXperiment 2017, conducted on board NRV Alliance from 28 March to 7 April 2017 in the Gulf of Patras (Greece) and linked to the Greek-led exercise ARIADNE ongoing in the same period.

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