Friday, August 17, 2018
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Fostering closer ties between CMRE and NATO MARCOM

HUDSONcrest 400Vice Admiral (UKN) Peter D. Hudson, NATO MARCOM Commander, visited CMRE and NATO Research Vessel Alliance for the first time.

During the CMRE tour, he was briefed on the CMRE programme of work, and visited the Engineering Laboratories, Maritime Tactical Theatre Simulator, and the Glider Command and Control Room.

The meeting was aimed at bolstering ties between CMRE and NATO's Maritime Command taking into consideration the new NATO Maritime Enterprise concept that should increase collaboration between operational and scientific NATO bodies. The Maritime Enterprise will facilitate the NATO maritime information flow, linking the NATO Command Structure (NCS) to the NATO Force Structure (NFS) through common interests and engagement with a wider maritime key players community to deliver skilled maritime advice.

The visit was wrapped up on board the NATO Research Vessel Alliance at the pier in La Spezia, where CMRE scientists and engineers were preparing for the REP14-MED scientific trial held in June in the Sardinian Sea.



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