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Fact Sheets

Brief documents about Centre assets and initiatives.


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Coastal Research Vessel Leonardo Coastal Research Vessel Leonardo

Date added: 10/09/2017
Date modified: 12/05/2017
Filesize: 107.99 kB

Acquired in 2002, Coastal Research Vessel (CRV) LEONARDO is a valuable asset to CMRE’s programme of work, contributing significantly to the scientific successes of the Centre. The vessel provides complementary capability to NRV ALLIANCE, especially in shallow waters.

Cooperative Antisubmarine Warfare Cooperative Antisubmarine Warfare

Date added: 07/07/2012
Date modified: 07/01/2014
Filesize: 112.96 kB

The Cooperative Antisubmarine Warfare programme consists of three main projects: System Concepts for Littoral Undersea Surveillance, Communications and Networks, Decision Support.

Read more on the Cooperative Antisubmarine Warfare fact sheet.

Non-Lethal Response in Port Protection Non-Lethal Response in Port Protection

Date added: 07/07/2012
Date modified: 07/07/2012
Filesize: 101.26 kB

One challenge that NATO faces is the vulnerability of its military forces and critical infrastructure to terrorist attack from the waterside in ports and harbours. 
Researchers at CMRE are tackling port protection from a variety of angles.

Read more on the Non-lethal Response in Port Protection fact sheet.

Maritime Security Maritime Security

Date added: 07/07/2012
Date modified: 07/07/2012
Filesize: 87.81 kB

Maritime security is a new, multidisciplinary area of research that addresses new threats to NATO maritime forces in ports, to international shipping, and to energy security. At CMRE, the Maritime Security Programme encompasses two main project areas: Non-Lethal Response in Port Protection and Maritime Situational Awareness.

Read more on the Maritime Security fact sheet.

Engineering Department Engineering Department

Date added: 07/07/2012
Date modified: 05/03/2013
Filesize: 154.63 kB

CMRE's Engineering Department (ED) offers a full spectrum of specialized services, including research, development, testing and evaluation of ocean and maritime concepts and technologies. The department also has a wide range of specialized resources for work at sea.

Read more on the Engineering Department fact sheet.

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