Friday, October 20, 2017
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DYNAMIC MONARCH 17 - JANUS tested in distressed submarine rescue scenarios The NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) participated for the first time in the DYNAMIC MONARCH exercise, bringing to the operational players a new digital underwater acoustic communications capability that may increase significantly the effectiveness of distressed submarines (DISSUB) escape and rescue operations. Read the Full Story
NRV Alliance participating in Dynamic Mongoose 2017 The NATO Research Vessel ALLIANCE, operated by the Italian Navy for the CMRE, is sailing off the coast of Iceland, participating in NATO's MARITIME COMMAND (MARCOM) Submarine Warfare Exercise DYNAMIC MONGOOSE 2017 (DMON 17). Read the Full Story
JANUS, the CMRE underwater communication protocol, becomes a NATO Standard First time ever for a digital underwater communication protocol to be recognised at international level. The protocol opens the way for a standardised Internet of Underwater Things. Read the Full Story
“Double-Muscled” start for CMRE 2017 scientific campaigns The NRV Alliance just sailed for her first NATO sea trial of the year. New assets on board are aimed to enhance collaborative robotics for MCM applications, including a new vehicle, which only apparently duplicates the CMRE MUSCLE prototype. Read the Full Story
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